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Class of 1977 Challenge

Every Gift Counts Make Your Gift Count Even More!

For every one percent increase (up to five percent) in alumni donor participation during 2006, the Naval Academy will receive $200,000 from a member of the Class of 1977! And,for every class that beats the 2006 donor participation percentage achieved by the Class of 1977, the Naval Academy will receive an additional $5,000!

Meeting the terms of the Challenge of '77 will result in a transformational gift of more than $1 million to benefit the Naval Academy and the Brigade of Midshipmen.

For more information, contact the Foundation's Office of Annual Giving Programs at 410-295-4165 or 410-295-4187.

The Challenge of '77 guidelines

  • 2005 is the baseline year against which progress toward meeting the Challenge of '77 will be measured
  • Alumni donor participation rates (overall and individual classes) is published in the 2005 Donor Report and on the Foundation website
  • Alumni participation is credited only to the individual making a restricted or unrestricted gift to the Naval Academy Foundation